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    Important Time to get hyped for TheArcade!

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    Time To Get Hyped

    Hello Arcaders, it is time to get hyped for the grand opening of TheArcade! We as owners are very excited for tomorrow and we hope you are as well. This has been nine months in the making, it has been a rough and rocky road with its ups and downs, but it has brought us to his point. I want you all to know that our mission here is to prioritize our community and our players. Any suggestion no matter how popular or hated it is will get considered. Any youtubers you guys love and want to play with we will extend an offer to. We will constantly be giving back to this awesome community if you have suggestions for what you want any of our giveaways to include please make a suggestion.

    Release Date

    We know you've all been anticipating the release for...

    Welcome to TheArcade

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    Hello TheArcade!

    Welcome to our new forums. Today, I'm excited to announce TheArcade! I would like to outline our goals for this network and explain what will be happening over the next few months.

    About Us
    TheArcade is a network owned by @Diz, @Jacob, @Vyzon, and I. We are incredibly excited to start working on this server, and we will be announcing our server launch as it comes closer.

    Please Note: We will be announcing information for Staff Applications closer to launch once our managers have deemed fit.

    Network Plans
    Although there is not much that we can share at this time, we will have a variety of gamemodes played by your favorite content creators. Stay tuned for more information, updates, and...

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