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  • Ban appeal (supermonkeyv27)

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    - What is your IGN? SuperMonkeyV27
    - Who is the staff member that punished you? Jibran
    - What is the given reason? Cheating
    - Why should you be unmuted or unbanned? Because i have proof that i wasn't hacking. I told staff ill give them proof that i wasn't hacking in pvp but they weren't listening. I had to log out to show em my replay mod because it recorded my pvp fight with them. But they didn't listen to me but decided to ban me!
    - Proof (if video evidence or screenshot evidence was provided to you): I have proof msg me on discord SuperMonkeyV27#7515 for more proof that i cannot list on here because the video format is very weird. These were my snooper settings as soon as i got banned, I got the settings while in replay mod . The snooper settings were from replay mod, proof: . As i said earlier I got more proof. I got a video of the pvp battle all of em actually. so dm me on discord SuperMonkeyV27#7515 for the video. Thank you :)
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    Well then the snooper settings weren't enough. I can show you the recording of the fights :) . I got Every single thing on my recording. msg me on discord SuperMonkeyV27#7515 for the recording. Also could you tell me which alerts I was sending off? I'd liked to be amused.
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    Recording your fights don’t mean anything, you refused to screenshare when asked multiple times to, so I’ll change your ban reason for that as well to make it more accurate - and you can cheat while recording your own perspective of PvP. People have done it all the time including BIG youtubers.

    We do not disclose anti cheat logs to players who were banned, and I went ahead and showed another owner your logs as well before banning you. You’re staying banned and blacklisted for wasting both my time, as well as the staff who were involved.

    Not open for further replies.