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    Time To Get Hyped

    Hello Arcaders, it is time to get hyped for the grand opening of TheArcade! We as owners are very excited for tomorrow and we hope you are as well. This has been nine months in the making, it has been a rough and rocky road with its ups and downs, but it has brought us to his point. I want you all to know that our mission here is to prioritize our community and our players. Any suggestion no matter how popular or hated it is will get considered. Any youtubers you guys love and want to play with we will extend an offer to. We will constantly be giving back to this awesome community if you have suggestions for what you want any of our giveaways to include please make a suggestion.

    Release Date

    We know you've all been anticipating the release for TheArcade. Well, it's finally here! We plan to release tomorrow, June 15th at 3 PM EST, more info can be found in our announcements channel on our official discord server.

    With the release tomorrow at 3 pm EST we will be having a 50% off sales for the weekend. We do not plan on being one of those servers that put crazy sales to trick you into donating. I don't know if we will ever have a better sale than 50% if we do it won't be until Christmas, so get your ranks this weekend while they are cheap.


    ISTOP Rewards

    What you’ll all be competing for, a chance to take home some juicy prizes in Paypal and Buycraft. Currently, our istop is standing at $2,610 for our 6 week season, there is plenty of chances to win for everyone, make sure to hop on the server and grind out on your island for a chance of the top spot! Every Saturday until the season ends in 6 weeks we will be taking a screenshot between 2 pm and 4 pm EST of the top islands and their value. We will post that in the discord as soon as we take the screenshot so you guys know there is no funny business and can check it in-game.

    Weekly breakdown:
    • Place #1 - $100 Paypal + $100 Buycraft
    • Place #2 - $50 Paypal + $75 Buycraft
    • Place #3 - $25 Paypal + $50 Buycraft
    • Place #4 - $25 Buycraft
    • Place #5 - $10 Buycraft 1560530227296.png


    Today is the last day to invite your friends to the discord, we will be giving out the Paypal rewards for the top three inviters tomorrow at 12 pm EST and then we will give out your buycraft vouchers at 1 pm - 2 pm EST. You must be online to claim the buycraft rewards, and you have 24 hours to claim the Paypal rewards.

    Top Inviters:
    • Place #1 - $25 Paypal
    • Place #2 - $15 Paypal
    • Place #3 - $5 Paypal

    Giveaway + Who is recording?

    We’ve been working to secure deals with the Youtuber Skeppy and we’re happy to announce we’ve secured a partnership between TheArcade and Skeppy. He’ll be hosting a giveaway for a Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum, make sure to join the discord for more information on the giveaway! To enter the giveaway you will need to do /giveaway while in-game, you will then be rewarded with entries for every hour of playtime you have until Skeppy does the drawing. On top of that as a special giveaway for those of you in the discord already I will be hosting a $10 Paypal or $25 Buycraft whichever the winner prefers. I also need suggestions for the next giveaway, so please make a forum post with some suggestions.

    giveaway spoiler.png

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