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  • Denied Youtuber Rank Applicant

    Not open for further replies.
    Ign: sullyan
    Channel Url: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkzZy3_j9bwVxTelwasTL1Q
    Current subs: 582
    Average Views: 280 (total 8,312)
    I would like to be part of Arcade team because its a small server and would like to help make it get bigger and bigger with more players and make it casually more fun to play.
    This is my first time one this server so I haven't made any Videos About the Arcade but plan too if I get accepted.

    Thank you for your time and review on my application!!


    Apart from not having any videos on the Arcade, it seems you haven't posted any minecraft related videos at all. Denied, if you upload a few videos the server/minecraft in general and get decent views feel free to re-apply.
    Not open for further replies.