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    - What is your IGN?
    - What is your channel URL?
    - What is your current subscriber count?
    - How many views do you average per video?
    - Why do you want to be a part of TheArcade team?
    I would love to be apart of the team, to create content that people will enjoy and have a great time watching. I would also love to advertise your server in my videos
    - Have you made any videos on TheArcade? If so, please link them.
    i do not have any videos on the server yet, but when i get YT rank, I promise to record at least 1-2 videos a month on the server, and i will keep my word.

    Thank You - Austin


    New Member
    Your video quality is pretty good, but you seem somewhat ‘clickbaity’.
    Also, I saw that you put ‘Optifine 1.4’ in your thumbnail but the video was for 1.14, kinda just shows that you are a bit lazy.
    Other than that, your channel is good.